Welcome To Upasana Special School

When a child is born, the entire family rejoices- a new beginning. But can one imagine the plight of the parents, when the doctor informs that the child is special. What happens if the mother is blamed for the child’s problem? What happens if the father walks out on both the child & the mother saying that the child is not his responsibility as he is completely normal & there is no special child in his family for generations? Whose fault is it? Where does such a child go?

Upasana Special school is recognised by the Department of Social Welfare, Govt of NCT of Delhi & is also registered under the PWD Act.

How can YOU Help them....

Postpone is never a good action. Take steps in this direction today!
You can also be a part of this revolution. A few bucks out of your pocket money can change the life of poor children whose parents cannot afford to educate their children.